"My daughter started her first year of preschool last August. We were given a flyer for the TreeHouse Preschool from a friend. We thought that the price seemed very affordable, the co-op sounded like a great fit for us, and we love being involved in our daughters school. We were feeling nervous about her starting school, so we thought being more involved in the school would help us with the new transition from home to school. All of the board members were very nice and welcoming. Our first impression at the open house was awesome, everyone was very informative. Over the year I have been very happy with Ava's progress. I love helping in the class, getting to see her progress and getting to know the teacher, students and the parents. She will be attending the school next year, and the following two years I will be more that happy to send my other children."
Sarah -  2013/2014 School Year

"I have sent 2 children to this preschool over the last three years and I love it! The price is affordable and everyone is welcoming. I love that as a stay at home mom I can be involved with what is going on at preschool and my child still has the growing experience of not having mom there all the time. My children always came home happy, they improved in all of their skill areas, and I felt safe leaving them when it was not my turn to help out. I love that they do field trips, my kids really enjoyed getting to partipate outside the classroom with ideas they were learning in it. I always felt I could bring my concerns and questions to the other parents, and I always felt like they took what I said into account. My children are treated with respect and kindness always and I would recommend this school to anyone that loves to be involved with their children"!
- Becca

"When my son attended this school, we were very pleased with what he learned and how the school was run. He was definitely prepared for Kindergarten. The school's policies were appropriate and the parent handbook was clear to us. I appreciated the effort that was put into the structure, the curriculum and the teaching by the other moms in the group. The price was also great compared to other preschools in Clovis. I also appreciated how conservative the group seemed to be regarding what the children were taught, how the children behaved, etc. Very similar to how Clovis Unified School District is run. If you are looking for a co-op and are ready to help work in the classroom, as well as let your child have some socialization (other than just mom) then this school is highly recommended."
- Kate
Enrollment for the 2016-2017 Programs are FULL.
For  information regarding our wait list please email our Registrar:

Registration for the 2017-2018 School year will begin in March
For  information regarding our wait list please email our Registrar:

We will be holding our Annual OPEN HOUSE 
Thursday,  March 30th 6-7:00pm.

Registration for the 2017-2018 School year will open March 30th
Our Enrollment Application and instructions will be available on our website once Registration is open.

We will be holding our Annual OPEN HOUSE Thursday,  March 30th 6-7:00pm.

Registration for the 2017-2018 School year will be open
 until April 30th!!
Our Enrollment Application and instructions are available on our Enrollment page.

Both our programs are full at this time.  Please contact our Registrar for more information regarding our wait list.

Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year will open Friday, March 30. Please contact us with any questions.